Delia & Baby Donnacha (Musical Babies: Newborn – 1-year-old Class)

The most enjoyable part of attending these classes was the interaction and engagement that the class brought for the little babies and as importantly the tools to bring home to follow through with what was taught. Learning new ways to meaningfully engage with each other. The new songs we learned and the actions that went with them allowed for lots of lovely interactions between us both, outside of music class- he absolutely loves the ‘on my toe there was a flea’ which has become a very regular song in our house and always brings lots of smiles. Thanks so much Hilary for the wonderful classes you provided. It was most enjoyable from start to finish. The area for the class was just perfect. You made everyone feel so welcome and always ensured people were comfortable. We are so looking forward to Term 3 ( we will miss term 2 as we’ll be at home) so please keep us a spot for term 3.