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Teacher Professional Development Course: Ignite Creativity and Learning: Music, Movement, and Drama Fusion for Kindy to Year 4 Educators

Start:  Wednesday 10 April 2024 – 9.00am

Finish: Wednesday 10 April 2024 – 12.30pm

Location:  SSTUWA building, 1 West Street, West Perth WA 6005 (off Thomas Street)

About the course

Don’t miss this chance to reignite your passion and empower your students in ways you never thought possible!

Join these two maestros, Hilary and Alethea,  to unleash the power of Arts in your classroom! Are you ready to transform your teaching approach and create a dynamic, engaging and inclusive learning environment? Join us for a half-day immersive workshop designed to equip mainstream classroom teachers, as well as those with a passion for music and drama, with a toolkit to seamlessly integrate music, movement, and drama into Kindy to Year 4 classrooms.

You will discover the art of infusing MusicMovement, and Drama into your lessons, fostering creative expression, critical thinking, social skills and emotional awareness. This hands-on, inclusive and engaging workshop is not just informative but incredibly fun too!

Rest assured that this workshop will ignite your energy and inspire you to bring music and drama directly into your classrooms. It will spark ideas and empower you with easy to implement activities to bring about the inspired, engaged, creative and empowered learner.

Featured Presenters

Hilary Price-Keegan – Music Maestro, and Founder & Director of School of Musical Heartbeats 

With Hilary Price-Keegan at the helm, prepare to embark on a journey of transformative teaching. Hilary, a distinguished music educator and seasoned creative learning expert, will lead you through an exploration of innovative ways to integrate music into your classroom. Discover activities, ideas, and games that seamlessly blend music and movement, enhancing your students’ engagement and understanding. Uncover techniques to develop your students’ musicianship through active participation, inclusive music-making, and the harmonious blending of rhythm, melody, and movement. As the Founder & Director of the School of Musical Heartbeats and a part-time lecturer at ECU, Hilary brings a wealth of expertise to inspire your teaching journey.

Alethea Dreyer – Drama Maestro and Founder of Into the Mask Theatre & Education 

Althea is obsessed with the way in which the processes and techniques of dramatic and imaginative play have power to ignite creative flow and critical thinking while developing social and emotional awareness for young people. You will walk out of this session feeling energised and connected to your inner child as well as reminding you to the very simple ad effective tools you already have to bring ritual, laughter and connection into your classroom.

Workshop Outcomes

By participating in this workshop, you will:

– Cultivate language skills for effective communication and interaction.

– Incorporate numerical and spatial concepts seamlessly into activities.

– Develop the ability to locate, evaluate, and share information from diverse sources.

– Foster pattern recognition, reasoning, and interpretation skills.

– Encourage global awareness and cultural engagement.

– Gain a repertoire of activities, ideas, and games that seamlessly integrate both music and drama into your classroom.

– Harness the power of creativity for personal growth and student well-being.

EYLF Learning Outcomes

– Nurture children’s sense of identity and connection to the world.

– Promote well-being and confidence.

– Cultivate effective communication and confident learning.

– Foster caring, empathetic, and respectful interactions with others.

General Capabilities

– Enhance critical and creative thinking skills.

– Foster personal and social capabilities within students.


$ 90 : Members: Part Time/Relief/Student
$ 180 : Members: Full Time
$ 300 : Non-Members


Morning tea provided.


Hillary Price-Keegan, Founder & Director of School of Musical Heartbeats, Part-time lecturer at ECU and Choral Director at St. Mary’s Anglican School

Althea Dreyer, Founder & Director of Into the Mask Theatre and Education

Nominated Audience

Kindy – Year 4 Educators

Professional Standards for Teachers in Western Australia

This training relates to the following standards :

Standard 3 – Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning
Standard 6 – Engage in professional learning